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We give you two locations in Charlottesville in hopes you can walk to reach us or catch a ride with a friend. If you choose to arrive by private automobile, you will have to arrange your own parking. The following are friendly ideas but do not constitute endorsement or obligation.

West Main Street in Charlottesville - There is a massive open-to-the public parking lot wrapping around the Amtrak station. The last time we checked, the credit card price was $10/day and $40/week with cash prices slightly less. FYI, It's operated by Piedmont Virginia Parking Company (434-295-7836), a firm that WILL order the towing of its customers if they overstay their allotted time.
Nearby parking alternatives: the Free Trolley and the #7 bus on Charlottesville Area Transit.
Located atop the steps to the Charlottesville Amtrak station, at the eastern end of the bridge on West Main across from Continental Divide and l'étoile restaurants. (MAP)

India Road in Charlottesville - Located amid giant seas of asphalt for Seminole Square Shopping Center and K-Mart, this location may appear to offer gobs of parking, but we do not endorse the practice of leaving a car in a shopping center.
Neaby parking alternatives: the #7 bus and the #8 bus on Charlottesville Area Transit.
Located at 2324 India Road, between the Hampton Inn and the K-Mart Garden Shop just off Emmet Street/U.S. Route 29 in Charlottesville. (MAP)

Meatpacking District in New York - Hey, it's New York. What on earth were you thinking?
Located near #9 on 9th Avenue, the first or second block of the cobblestoned street between Catch restaurant and Gansevort Meatpacking NYC hotel — one block east of High Line Park. (MAP)

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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