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Baggage Information

Quantity: Each ticket holder may check two pieces of baggage in the cargo hold and carry two small items into the bus. Additional bags (in either location) carry a fee of $10 each.

Size/weight: All carry-on luggage must fit underneath the seat or in the overhead compartment. Each piece of luggage in the cargo hold must weigh less than 50 pounds and remain under 62 inches in the sum of its height, length, and width. Any overage incurs an oversize baggage fee of $15.

Bicycles: Yes.

Skis: Yes, in proper packaging such as a ski bag or sturdy cardboard secured with tape.

Luggage without a passenger:

Pets: No. (Service dogs permitted, of course.)

Prohibited Items: Animals, acids, ammunition, combustible liquids, compressed gases, corpses, cremated remains, explosives, firearms of all types, fireworks, flammable liquids, furniture, hazardous materials (poisons, radioactive materials, etc.), materials with a disagreeable odor, matches, merchandise for resale, protruding articles, electronic equipment (television, stereos, etc.), flammable film, and perishable items (food). Items such as money, laptop computers, and prescription medication may not be checked as baggage but should instead be carried onboard in the traveler's possession.

Packaging: No unsecured articles-- including those in plastic or paper bags.

Oxygen/Respirators: Portable oxygen and respirators may accompany you, and a maximum of four (4) canisters may travel with the customer -- two (2) aboard the bus and two (2) in the baggage compartment. The maximum dimension for each container may not exceed 4.5 inches in diameter and 26 inches in length. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they have enough oxygen to complete their travel and are responsible for making arrangements for refills while en route. Oxygen canisters to be stored in the baggage compartment must be in protective cases with safety caps on the valves.

Liability on Lost Luggage: Our maximum liability is $50.00 for any lost or damaged luggage, and neither A Goff Transportation nor other participating bus carriers are responsible for the loss/damage in excess of this value allowances and assumes no liability for carry-on baggage. For items checked as overweight or oversized our liability is $1.00.
Notes: While passengers are responsible for transferring their own bags, baggage assistance is available upon request. Please make sure your bags are properly tagged inside and out. You are in charge of picking up your bags next to the bus at any transfer location and taking them to any connecting bus if required.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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