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...going to New York City for a weekend with your friends where transportation doesn't devour your wallet or divide your group. The Starlight Express group rate-- $59.95-- is already sweet, but we add two juicy sweeteners:

You can choose any location within five miles of our West Main stop in Charlottesville

We will drop your group off at the door of your hotel anywhere in Midtown or Lower Manhattan.

How it works: You assemble your group of eight or more by 5pm before one of our regularly scheduled departures. Your group gets dibs on seats, so you can all sit together and have fun on the ride to New York. (We'll load as usual for other customers after your group has boarded.) In New York, we'll make our regular stop in the Meatpacking District. As soon as the other passengers have debarked, we'll whisk you to your hotel-- no transferring to taxis or struggling with luggage! The process works in reverse for the ride home.


Seeking a ride to New York City outside of our normal schedule? That's a charter, and we are charter experts.

Give us a call at 434-295-0782.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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