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Tickets - Prices & Refunds


10-day advance purchase
non-advance reservations and walk-ups

Reservations by UVA students, under-15 kids, over-65 seniors, and active military always pay just $59.95

Holiday surcharge

The above fares are available more than 95% of the year, but we reserve the right to levy a $20 surcharge at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or other high-volume times. (But don't worry, prices are always clearly marked in our online reservation system, and once you've reserved your ticket your price will never increase.)


When you buy a ticket online, your seat is guaranteed, will not be overbooked, and its price will not increase. And with our generous cancellation policy (see below), we highly recommend reserving your seat well in advance. There may be brokers out there selling tickets for rides on Starlight, but they may not offer refunds.... so BUY HERE

Generous cancellation policy
Cancel anytime up to two hours prior to departure, and you get a 100% refund.
Cancel anytime afterward, up to 30 days after departure, and you get a 25% refund.
—>But if you wait more than 30 days after departure, you get nothing (and like it).

How to cancel a ticket
It's easy -- as long as you know at least two hours before your bus is due to depart, just call us at 434-295-0782, email us at, or fax us at 434-979-4353 with your ticket number and you will get a 100% refund. All calls, emails and faxes are time-stamped; and all refunds are issued within 7 days.

Print your own
When purchasing your ticket online, please try have a printer available because you will receive an email confirmation with a link to print your boarding pass. If you don't have access to a printer before departure, please have a smartphone, tablet, or computer you can use to show your ticket.

You may buy online at any time up to departure as long as space is available, but if you'd prefer, you may buy a walk-up ticket from the driver at the time of travel. Buying this way is subject to space availability and carries a price of $69.95. Cash only.

Discount verification
If you chose the discounted $59.95 fare, you may be asked to show on-board verification, so bring your ID card.

Boarding generally begins 15-20 minutes before departure. Seat selection occurs on a first-come, first-serve basis.

While it's always possible to fall behind due to traffic or road factors, the Starlight Express makes a point of departing on time. For most customers, this is a blessing. Others will get left behind and claim that we left early, so avoid heartache and please be on time!


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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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